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On June 18, an African American camera operator was assaulted.

The next day, he was arrested by 7 Augusta County Sheriffs Deputies while the racist Karen looked on and laughed. She was not arrested.

After being released, the camera operator was restricted from leaving Virginia until HE HAS TO GO TO COURT for assault, even though he is clearly the person assaulted.

He was there covering protests of a racist VA sheriff named Donald Smith. Donald’s no stranger to controversy, he covered up a human trafficking ring to help his “friend”, who he secretly got out of jail after he had been arrested for trying to molest a child. The Sheriff runs a narcotics department that could double for its own human trafficking operation. 

We need a federal investigation into the Augusta County Sheriffs Office. We need the FBI to investigate why the Black man was arrested when he was the victim of assault. We need the FBI to investigate what happened in the 2 officer involved shootings within a week of one another, since the sheriff got rid of his departments dash and body cams.  Finally, we need the FBI to investigate the Sheriffs ties to convicted human trafficker Felix Chujoy. Could the Sheriff be so concerned about being exposed that he is sending a message to protestors - be silenced or be arrested. 

10 protestors have been illegally charged with protesting with a megaphone, as the Sheriff desperately tries to silence the truth. 

Law enforcement officers should not be above the law. End the protection of Donald Smith and investigate his department and the many documented civil rights abuses that have occurred there. 

Unleashed- Augusta County Shooting - The
Unleashed- Augusta County Shooting - The
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